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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 25, 2015 12:50pm-1:01pm EDT

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share? and on leadership with individuals? there are some. there are thousands of books written on leadership as i realized as i started on this journey. how do you make it different? and, my, what i tried to do is pick those leadership lessons that i thought were most relevant but also, put a human face on with the stories behindut those leadership lessons, that, my first story and, was about my first time i had to stand in front ofçw3 audiences as a lieutenant and read award citation for battalionor commander. i was a first lieutenant. and, i was sitting there and i started shaking and ind wasi hanging on to the thing and ithi took me forever to get this citation. - seemed like three hours, it was three minutes. those things happen, but you learn from those things. and this commander, he could have fired me, but he said, hey, that was your first time, you'll get better. nothing like that ever happened in my life, it just caught me so
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off guard. i just thought i was history. but you learn from these things when you have leaders that say you work on that, you practice, and i tell ya, i never had that happen again but i always think about it. but there's -- the human face of leadership is what i've tried to do and people think the general's revealing all i have tons of stories, tons of mistakes i've made and tons of things i learned along the way. we're human. we make mistakes, we learn from our mistakes and we learn from others and that's what i've tried to do. running every day i got a new hip for christmas. [laughter] doctor told me no running right away and if i'm smart i'll go biking and swimming and treadmilling those other things. so i miss my running right now. so i can't -- i don't know if i can keep my promise to the doc. [laughter] i do something every day. thanks for your question. and your service.
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>> if there are no more questions. thank you. >> thank you. have a great day. enjoy this wonderful washington d.c. weather. [applause] >> booktv >> booktv is on @witter andtt facebook. we want to hear from a you. tweet us, or post a comment on our facebook page. it is memorial day weekend on booktv. three full days of nonfiction authors and books. some of the topics that we're featuring this weekend include the iraq war, america's infrastructure, terrorism washington, d.c. and the civil war, and first ladies. some of the authors you will hear from include former senator george mitchell, cornel west, dana perino and walter isaacson.
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for a complete schedule of our entire weekend you can go to you will see the schedule on the right-hand side of the page. follow us on facebook or @booktv is our twitter and dell where we send out a lot of updates and publishing news throughout the weekend. booktv on this memorial day weekend, three days of nonfiction books and authors. booktv recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they're reading this summer. >> thanks for asking. as you know i taught economics for the past 18 years. i went to seminary before that. i usually like reading combination of economics and ethics. on the stump speech people thought that was humorous joke. i take it pretty seriously. start off with peter wallison, "hidden "in plain sight"." the latest on definitive insight
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of causes of the financial crisis. if you don't have the insight of the financial crisis you don't know how to solve that going forward. there are some signs we're heading into the wrong direction. there are hints in the mortgage business and federal reserve and et cetera, has heavy lifting to do. so that is the main economic piece i want to read. the rest is kind of, western synthesis between the judeo-christian tradition and greeks an enlightenment reason. i taught that last few years. whose justice, which rationality, by alice tear mcintyre out of noteter dame fame. one of the top philosophers in the country. a moral vision of the new testament by hayes. one of the considered foremost on ethics of the new testament
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not on the philosophy. economics from samuelson and chicago school by nelson. i've been dabbling in several of these books for a long time. i want to dig a little deeper because i think they're needed up here. final one in my stack it is kind after fun one. called bourgeois dignity. that is by deirdre mccloseky. they is a quite a renaissance scholar herself. she has been combining economics and ethics and literature for past few decades. shoe he is chicago trained school of economics and but she has been validated by a bunch of nobel prize winners. she has a six-volume set. i refer to you the second volume. it takes on causes of long-run economic growth. most people are not familiar with this. but it is issue that improved human welfare more than any other issue you can name period. i think i can say that with pretty good confidence.
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her argument is all human civilization income per person is $500 a year per person, for all of human history up to about 1800. in eight 1000 you get a hockey stick and massive explosive growth in the free market countries. there has been a lot of speculation on what is the true cause of that i did my phd on cross-country check growth. she takes on nobel prize-winning papers. not human capital, not science, not r&d, not private property rights. not the industrial revolution. she dates everyone of these single variables. she concludes that the ultimate cause, the biggest cause of long run economic growth, first time in history 1800, when our culture changed the moral language such that we started to call the business person morally good. and that is a lot for these days. k-12 education we're kind of neutral at best on that proposition.
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what do we say about businesses? is it morally good, is it problematic or corrupt. in higher ed, i'm afraid to say the business is morally bad. a lot of history had that feeling or belief and if that is your proposition don't expect a lot of growth. i think we need to do a little work examining that, getting back on track to say hey how do we make business morally good and paying attention to that proposition. kids in inner cities, lower income folks, their only hope is to enter the free market economy with a well-paying job. and so, if we're teaching the next generation that business is morally bad, why would a kid want to sign up for that proposition? it is not attractive. and so this book is hugely important. she will refer you to about 1,000 other offers in the six-volume set. her first book is similar and dealt mainly with the history of virtues kind of from plato on. and so that is my reading list. kind of light reading for this
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summer on the beach. so i look forward to the stack. >> booktv wants to know what you're reading this summer. tweet us your answer @booktv. or post it on our facebook page, >> presidential candidates often release books to introduce themselves to voters. here is a look at some books written by declared and potential candidates for president. former secretary of state hillary clinton looks back on her time serving in the obama administration in, "hard choices." in "american dreams" florida senator marco rubio outlines his plan to restore economic opportunity. former arkansas governor mike huckabee, gives his take on politics an culture in "god, guns grits and gravy." potentially presidential candidate rick santorum, that the republican party must focus on the working class to retake
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the white house. in "a fighting chance." massachusetts senator elizabeth warren recounts events in her life that reshaped her career as educator and politician. wisconsin governor scott walker argues that republicans must have bold solutions to fix the country and bold to implement them in "unintimidated." rand paul calls for my by partisanship in his book taking a stand. more presidential candidates with recent books including former governor jeb bush. in "immigration wars" he argues for new immigration policies. . .
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